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Strangers seek the help of Caldari capsuleers

2005-10-09 - By Svarthol

Two unusual persons were reported to have entered a Caldari communications channel this Sunday afternoon, apparently requesting assistance from the capsuleer pilots in attendance.

The individuals who were of Caldari and Intaki lineage, and have not been named, were apparently seeking aid in acquiring a number of electronic parts.

Suspicious of their intentions, the patrons of the galaxy wide FTL communications channel - which is provided for capsule pilots of Caldari nationality as an open forum, reacted with a large degree of hostility to the visitors.

Despite the refusal of many Caldari pilots to aid the interlopers in view of their secretive nature and the presence of the Intaki, several enterprising individuals did choose to assist them in achieving their objective.

The names of those pilots involved in these dealings were not disclosed, apparently as a result of fears their outraged compatriots would retaliate. At this time, the exact reasons for this remarkable request are unclear.