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Supercarrier Changes Coming In Kronos

2014-05-28 - By CCP Falcon

As detailed in this Dev Blog, we're making some adjustments to supercarriers in the Kronos release, set for deployment on June 3rd.

As part of these changes, we will be doubling the volume of Fighter Bomber class drones. During the deployment downtime, if your drone bay becomes overfull as a result of this change, all drones in your drone bay will be moved to your ship’s cargo bay. This can prevent your ship from warping or jumping if your cargo bay is overloaded, until they have been jettisoned or otherwise removed.

As such, we would suggest that you move any extra Fighter Bomber Drones out of your drone bay before the release is deployed, so that you're not left in space with no drones to deploy!

If you do find yourself in a situation whereby your ship is stuck with its cargo bay overloaded, you can jettison the drones and scoop them up to the ship’s corp hangar or fleet hangar, if there is space available.

If you do happen to run into problems and need assistance after Kronos has been deployed, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support by filing a ticket under the ‘Stuck Characters’ category and our friendly GM Team will do their best to help you out.