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Supposedly 'worthless' gas clouds hold potential

2007-12-06 - By Svarthol

Professor Gallus Sabathia, a researcher for the University of Caille, has recently released his findings on the gas clouds found in the Elerelle constellation. The clouds, according to the professor, contain a number of degenerate gases related to the cytoserocins found in rarer gas clouds.

These degenerate gases resemble, in many ways, the waste materials produced in out-dated booster production. The waste materials aren't of much use on their own, but with the proper additional ingredients and processing, the gases can be turned into "synthetic boosters" that have extremely mild booster effects with no known side effects. These synthetics are not illegal in the four empires, owing to their rather unique history of introduction.

The manufacturing processes are illegal, however. CONCORD considers the blue prints to be contraband anywhere within their jurisdiction. Many of the outlaw factions, however, have the blue prints and have begun giving them out to those who have proven their loyalty following the announcement of the gas clouds. Despite concerns from some CONCORD officials, representatives from each of the four Empires agreed that attempting to disrupt the sales of these blue prints in lawless space is a "waste of resources".