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Sweeping Death and Chaos: New Exploration Sites in Kronos

2014-05-30 - By CCP Affinity

Dear assassins, brigands, cutthroats, triggermen, mercenaries, instruments of war, and all other enforcers of sweeping death and chaos,

We're EVE’s Team Space Glitter, and as you might expect from a team with a name like that, we've been thinking up new ways for you to inflict violence upon the world of New Eden. Surprisingly enough, we're planning to have you come to the last-minute rescue of some people who find themselves in very dire straits. You'll be doing this by zeroing in on their enemies and turning them to dust.

For Kronos we've been working on ways of bringing you new content, and we've come up with a new type of site that's a thematic extension of the Ghost Sites you encountered in our last release. Those were pirate-run research sites that involved dangerous and secretive experiments outlawed by the empires. This time around, the pirates have upped their game, but in doing so they've propelled some of their enemies into murderous action.

We're going to start Kronos off with an event that'll see you assisting what's arguably the most honorable band of mercenaries in the cluster, Mordu's Legion. The Legion have twigged that certain pirate elements are not only making frightening strides in their research but have also taken over other pirate sites and are using them to trade in all manner of illicit technology. They'll be asking you for help in tracking down the faction they consider most egregious offenders - and as luck would have it, that faction happens to be the Legion's most hated enemies, the reckless Guristas.

The problem isn't how to attack the Guristas at those sites - Mordu's Legion will take care of that on their own and probably wouldn't welcome your help - but how to find them in the first place. That's where you come in.

Your task will be to find any instance of their smaller outposts - the Contested Guristas Covert Research Facility - and hack into its Transponder Tower. If you succeed, you'll gain access to insider Guristas data that Mordu's Legion are willing to reward you handsomely for. You can of course just be your own boss and sell this data on the market, but if you want to reap the full rewards of your ventures, you will have to bring this data in person to the Legion's headquarters in the 5ZXX-K system and redeem it at their LP store.

(By the way, we at Team Space Glitter would like to remind everyone that 5ZXX-K is a nullsec system, has zero CONCORD presence, and is a natural chokepoint ideal for staging a deadly ambush; so anyone going in there unprepared is basically taking their life in their own hands. We are in no way condoning a massive influx of capsuleers who'll be patiently waiting for you there, all of them armed to the teeth and ready for battle.)

As we noted, Mordu's Legion need this information in order to track down the fully-fledged research and trading facilities and to bypass their security measures. When they've received sufficient data, they are going to launch an all-out assault on a site we're calling the Besieged Covert Research Facility. As we also noted, Mordu's Legion are really not going to want you there; your business with them will be done, and they will react in extremely hostile fashion to anyone who persists in interfering with their operations.

If you do decide to interfere with official Legion business, and manage to tear your way through their operatives while keeping your ship in one piece, you're going to find an embarrassment of riches. There'll be eight new ship skins dropping in the form of 1-run blueprint copies:

  • Prophecy Blood Raiders Edition

  • Coercer Blood Raiders Edition

  • Brutix Serpentis Edition

  • Catalyst Serpentis Edition

  • Ferox Guristas Edition

  • Cormorant Guristas Edition

  • Cyclone Thukker Tribe Edition

  • Thrasher Thukker Tribe Edition

There will also be sixty new pirate implants including full lower-grade sets of Snake, Slave, Crystal, Talisman, Halo, Nomad, Centurion, Edge, Harvest, and Virtue versions.

Last but not least, we mustn't forget that all this research had to do with speed, warp technology, and going too fast in directions you shouldn't be headed. As such, you'll also find this site dropping new warp speed modules called Hyperspatial Accelerators.

Fly safe,