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Tank and The Scrapper

2006-03-24 - By Svarthol

THE FORGE. A duel recently took place in Jita between Tank CEO of the Dark Cartel Corporation and Scrapper Secura of Knockout Inc.The duel, organised by Ronaldo ‘Green Eyes’ Ling, concluded in a victory for Tank CEO.

M. Ling, a dual organiser and promoter self titled ‘Fight Promoter Extraordinaire’, announced that his prize fighter Scrapper Secura was seeking a skilled pilot to fight against. Tank CEO accepted the challenge and engaged Scrapper’s Deimos in his Cerberus. The two seemed evenly matched, though Scrapper’s capacitor gave in near the end of the fight. His Deimos was destroyed, leaving little debris. M. Ling is left with a debt in excess of 30 Million ISK to the residents of Jita who placed a bet on the winner.

Tank CEO spared Scrappers capsule from destruction, voiding his prize. After the duel Tank commented simply ‘He went boom’ on the destruction of the other vessel. Tank had 300million ISK riding on the fight, including the cost of his own vessel, a Cerberus fitted entirely with top notch modules. He stated “I don't care; I just wanted to fight even though I wasn’t going to get a reward, all good fun.” When asked about his history he openly said “I’m a pirate that’s always looking for people who loot worth billions in their cargo, to blow up and profit on. Your cargo equals my profit”. He finished the interview by stating “Yea, just wanted to say good fight to Scrapper Sacura, was fun. Also, for all those of you out there doing the same thing I’m doing, stay out of Jita! It’s mine.”

Scrapper Secura remarked ‘Well, I was ready, but that Tank guy, he's a real pro. He just hit me and kept on hitting me no matter what I threw at him’.

Scrapper Secura appeared upset after the duel, lamenting over his lost ship and fearing for his own future. He was concerned that he may be sold into slavery after losing the duel to Tank CEO, a concern not dispelled by his promoter and sponsor, Ronaldo Ling. During the interview, M. Ling said that he may be unable to pay back all of the bets and was going to have to take drastic measures to raise funds to do so and to replace the lost vessel. ‘Well, I have some coats I don't wear no more, and I could sell my ship. Free up some shares of Knockout Inc...’ he commented.