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Tash-Murkon Family Receives Khanid Innovation Delegation

2008-11-24 - By Svarthol

Tash-Murkon Prime - Khanid Innovation, the Khanid Kingdom's largest industrial corporation, has sent a delegation of executives, engineers and scientists to the court of Catiz Tash-Murkon. Arriving today, the delegation is yet more evidence of growing ties between the Kingdom and the Tash-Murkon Family, ties already strengthened considerably by the Tash-Murkon rescue of several Khanid vessels last month.

The delegation had been planned for the last few weeks, but after the Kador assault on Gallente space the company had briefly put those plans on hold, citing security concerns. However, court insiders on Khanid Prime have been quoted as saying that the sudden and overwhelming response of the Federation to the border incursion has made the king much more keen on strengthening ties with his allies, especially the Empire, and that those concerns made it unlikely that this meeting was in any real danger.

The delegation will be spending some six weeks on Tash-Murkon Prime, where they will speak with economic and military advisors to the heir before proceeding on to Penirgman, where they will meet with their counterparts in Imperial Armaments and the Ishukone Corporation's Amarr subsidiaries. The company is also seeking an audience with the Empress's court and the Imperial Navy, but no firm plans for such a meeting have yet been announced.