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Testing... testing... EVE TV

2007-09-21 - By Svarthol

We are testing the feasibility of having EVE TV as a free-to-view service. Episode 13 will therefore be available to watch from the main EVE TV site on the usual pay-per-view stream, as well a free one (using the player used for the Alliance Tournament replays).

Links from the EVE TV site will point to the pay-per-view player as usual, so to watch the free player just scroll down. Please note that previous episodes remain pay-per-view and that the Tournament replays remain free.

Also please be aware that we've had a few difficulties this week with trying to encode a high quality version of the show. As such, the higher quality stream may not become active at the usual time. The free-to-view version of Episode 13 has consequently been encoded from a less that ideal export. It appears our rendering machine has caught the cold we all bought back from Iceland.

Episode 13 will be available to view from 1100GMT (Downtime) later today (Saturday 22nd September) at www.eve-online.tv. Please tune in. Feedback is welcome.

Bismillah! Enjoy :)