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The Bleak Lands back under Amarr control

2008-11-13 - By Svarthol

Kourmonen - The Kourmonen system was reoccupied by forces from the 24th Imperial Crusade yesterday.  This marks the last Amarrian system that was held in enemy occupancy.

The Tribal Liberation Force had initially made large inroads into Amarrian territories in the Bleak Lands, with a cohesive push occupying many Amarr systems.  This push effectively halted in August when forces from the 24th Imperial Crusade retook Huola.  Since this point the Imperial Crusade has made steady progress reclaiming systems lost to enemy occupation.

Imperial Chamberlain Pomik Haromi passed on his personal congratulations at a press conference today praising the "devout tenacity and strength" of the capsuleer forces from the 24th Imperial Crusade and said the Empress herself had instructed him to pass on her personal commendation.  "This marks the end of Minmatar occupation within The Bleak Lands, we will now seek to refortify our borders and wish the 24th God speed in taking the fight to the enemy."

It is understood that Amarrian Heir, Yonis Ardishapur, issued a call to arms upon the Kourmonen system few weeks ago in an effort to re-secure the resting place of Saint Anam.  Several anonymous reports received also hinted that the Minmatar were themselves searching for this to use it as a bargaining chip for releasing slaves, although these reports remain unconfirmed by any official source.

What is certain however is that the 24th Imperial Crusade is gaining more and more ground upon its enemies and could now throw the Minmatar on the defensive should they choose to push across the border.