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The Community Beat!

2021-10-22 - By EVE Online Team

Welcome back, Capsuleers, to the Community Beat.

In our inaugural publication, we covered some wonderful community projects, events, artists, and content creators. We greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback and suggestions, and we look forward to seeing more of it in the coming weeks.
If this is your first Community Beat, worry not, as this is a relatively new project. To get you up to speed, our aim with these articles is to provide a foundation for all aspects of the EVE community: in-game events, developer chats, player meets, CSM reports, and much more. With a landscape as diverse and turbulent as EVE’s has become over the last near-nineteen years, no version of the Community Beat will ever look the same.

As is customary for the Beat, sit back, crack open a brand new Apple Quafe, and enjoy!

Battle Report!

As part of the player-organized Totality Day events, Wirashoda played host to a spectacular brawl last weekend. The events pay homage to one of Pochven’s most exciting - and bloody - battles, which took place this summer. That encounter saw Electus Matari finishing off an Azbel belonging to the Triglavian loyalist group, Stribog Clade, in a nail-biting finale.

This weekends’ festivities were more celebratory than tactical, although that didn’t diminish from the action! With over a dozen fleets involved, the brawl continued for over two hours, and featured ships ranging from Frigates to Marauders.

Shortly after 21:00, the first two fleets arrived on grid and the battle began in earnest. The biggest ballers of the night were Jazzy Jassamune Omanid and the combined group of PHUB/PHEW/LBUS/T0AST/KYBER. They brought not one, not two, but FIVE Marauders out to play, along with assorted support ships and logi. Jassamune's big bucket of red meat chummed the waters, and proved to be irresistible to the circling sharks hunting for juicy killmails. Most of the fleets turned to clear the Marauders first. – Sahara Jackal

You can read more about this epic battle from the various sides involved here


This week we saw CCP Convict & former CSM council member Steve Ronuken host an informative Quasar Devblog panel with Team Tech Co, live on CCPTV. Covering the technical aspects of EVE’s future is always fascinating, and was a hit for both tech-savvy and casual players alike. If you missed it live, no worries! You can watch a recording of it here.

Coming up on CCPTV this week, Mike Kingswell continues his lecture series on EVE mechanics at 18:00 UTC, this Saturday 23 October. This week’s presentation will cover the ins and outs of one of EVE’s core mechanics for surviving in - and interacting with - New Eden: the Directional Scanner (DSCAN). Thanks Mike - and EVE University - for sharing your knowledge with us!

In-game Event: Eden Trade’s Halloween Treats

It’s trick-or-treat time, New Eden-style! The Crimson Harvest isn’t alone in the spooky festivities. Eden Trade is bringing back its Halloween Event this year, with over 45 billion ISK in treats to be doled out in Stacmon. Of course, it just wouldn’t be EVE without some explosions too, so a post-giveaway brawl has been scheduled in Placid’s most notorious pirate den: Ostingele. Expect a bevy of pumpkin-shaped-wrecks, and with so many potential explosions enterprising salvagers may make off with some handsome rewards.

Mark your calendars and keep up with the festivities on Eden Trade’s official forum thread!

Partner Spotlight

Whether you’re day-tripping in a wormhole or hauling goods between trade hubs, one thing is true: New Eden is spectacular. Sprinkled throughout the universe you’ll find beautiful landmarks and monuments that paint a vivid picture of life in New Eden. Join Mark726 on his EVE Travel Blog adventures, accompanied by his trusty Buzzard Professor Science, as he guides you through the wonders that EVE has to offer. Show off your most stunning screenshots using the #CommunityBeat hashtag on Twitter, and we’ll give our favorite submissions an Astero SOE Gold Cell SKIN!

With guides that cover a wide variety of NPE activities, from blitzing Angel Extravaganza to optimizing runs in the Abyss, AceFace has you covered! Living primarily in high-security space, AceFace really does push the limits of his ships, and explores fascinating ways to take on various challenges. Most importantly of all, he shows you how to earn ISK while doing it. We love his dedication to variety, finding efficient and fun ways to challenge himself, while teaching us all some new tricks and tips.

Lore Corner

While most of EVE’s denizens are familiar with the cap-sucking ways of the Blood Raiders, or the wily exploits of V. Salvador Sarpati and the Serpentis, there are some smaller groups that perhaps you’re not as familiar with. Not as universally notorious, The Order of St. Tetrimon also have a long and storied history, specifically within the Amarr Empire.

During the rule of Empress Catiz I, the fortunes of the Order of St. Tetrimon have continued to improve. Under the leadership of Grand Master Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon, the Order has established a role as a force useful for seeking out and suppressing rebellion and heresy. Increasing conflict across New Eden has revitalized the "Religious Reclaimer" tendency among the Amarr Empire's powerful nobility and brought support for the Order. Militant and conservative houses such as the Ardishapur and Sarum have forged cordial relations with the Tetrimon, in an Amarr Empire with royal houses, powerful ministries, and religious factions carefully balanced against one another by a relatively new Empress.

Swing by the Order of St. Tetrimon Fortress Monastery in Thebeka to witness the monument. If you'd like to know more, you can brush up on your Amarr lore and learn about Inirie Ardishapur, the dark history of Emperor Zaragram II, and the Order of St Tetrimon.

Who knows when this information may prove useful...

That's all for this installment. Head on over to the EVE Online forums to chat and share your stories.