The CSM 13 Winter Summit Minutes | EVE Online

The CSM 13 Winter Summit Minutes

2018-10-02 - By CCP Guard

Dear space voters,

The first summit for the democratically elected 13th Council of Stellar Management took place September 3-6 at CCP headquarters in Reykjavík.

Here you can download the meeeting minutes from the summit.

For those new to the CSM process, the CSM is elected for one year and summits are held twice a year. Members of the CSM are flown to Iceland for a week of meetings with EVE Online teams and management. The purpose of these summits is to give ourselves a chance to sit down and do a deep dive on developing features, ideas and issues, with representatives of the EVE community.

The content of each summit is a mix of CSM-requested topics and topics CCP schedules to get feedback on designs and projects.

Releasing detailed meeting minutes from each summit is our way of providing as much transparency to the process as possible, and to give the community more insight into the realities of developing the greatest gaming universe ever created in co-operation with our amazing community.

If you have questions about the contents of these minutes, we've opened a forum thread where you can discuss them and ask us questions.

This summit was very productive, with all 10 CSM members able to attend in person. It has already resulted in an impactful balance round discussed in this blog. The ripples from the summit will continue to travel through the EVE universe in the coming months.