The Free Market Release is here! | EVE Online

The Free Market Release is here!

2019-12-10 - By The EVE Development Team

Head over to this thread on the official forums to provide your feedback on the December release.

Hello, commerce loving capsuleers!

Today we celebrate the arrival of our December release: Free Market. This release brings some exciting new features and updates to EVE Online.


First off, there's the overhaul of the in-game wallet. Attractive new graphical representations of your income and expenditures will give a much-needed facelift to some of the oldest windows in the client. A reorganization of how your finances are presented will make it easier to track at a glance how your financial decisions are performing. It also brings all of EVE's major currencies into one interface.


The HyperNet Relay feature has arrived in EVE Online! It's a new trade network allowing players to trade almost any item at any time, from anywhere and by anyone. Read more about it here.

The Council of Stellar Management saw this feature at the CSM Summit in September 2019 and you can now read the meeting minutes from this session online. The feature was near completion at that stage and CSM was primarily asked for feedback around the overall functionality and small changes that could be implemented before release.


It is now easier to see exactly what item is being traded. Ships within a proposed direct trade will now display their type name (eg. Raven) rather than their player-customized ship name (eg. Artryder's Raven) and once an ISK amount has been added to a trade offer, the amount of ISK in the trade offer cannot be reduced.


By the way, keep an eye out for the ongoing upgrades to the Jita trade hub! That place is really beginning to look like a major commercial station should.


Lastly, we welcome Team Talos' Kicking Over Castles update which brings improvements to core gameplay around structures, especially for the phenomenon of 'timezone tanking'.

There are a lot more changes in this update, so make sure you familiarise yourself with patch notes.