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The Gallente Elections, part deux

2005-04-15 - By Talisman
  • Well, the next step of the Gallente Elections event is finally underway. Waiting for the deployment of event agents has caused the event to be delayed considerably, but the good news at least is that they’re finally in and ready to be used in future events.
  • Event agents are specifically designed to handle both large and small time-based events, i.e. events that are only intended to be active for a limited time and affect the background story to some extent.
  • Event agents have all the same functionality as generic agents and will be used to give players event missions and event offers.
  • 54 event agents are now active for the Election event, their location and who they are delegates for can be found here.
  • We decided not to impose any restrictions on who could talk to these agents to get missions; everyone can go and try them out, provided their standings allow it. But only the corporations that signed up way back when for this event can actually win, so completing these missions repeatedly is rather futile except for members of these corporations.
  • Hundreds of corporations are active participating in this event, but at this time we will not reveal their names. This is because we don’t want the dynamic player politics (read: wars) to spill out into the Federation just because some warring corporations want to take part in an event.
  • So all the information you can see is the number of participating corporations in each region for each candidate (see link above), which should give you some idea about how stiff the competition will be in each region.
  • Back to the missions. They’re pretty standard in all aspects, except that they have a very special reward. For completing an event mission the player will be given 1 or more vouchers for the candidate the agent is a delegate for. Participating corporations should be careful to compile these vouchers in one central location because they will be used to determine the winners in each region.
  • Note that the voucher rewards are not region-specific, meaning that a voucher received from agent in, for instance, Solitude, can be used by a corporation competing in Verge Vendor or anywhere else.
  • Similarly, vouchers received are not tied to the recipient player or his corporation. Thus, vouchers won by a player belonging to Corp A can be traded to Corp B and will then count in the total vouchers owned by Corp B for winning purposes.
  • Once the patch was launched a small bug was discovered in the missions for Souro Foiritan, meaning that players are unable to receive Foiritan vouchers. This bug has been located and the fixed missions are now in testing. They should become available after the weekend.
  • I must strongly emphasize that this does not in any way put corporations supporting Souro Foiritan in any disadvantage. As corporations are only competing against corporations supporting the same candidate in the same region, the fact that players can receive vouchers for the other candidates does not affect the Foiritan supporters at all.
  • Of course this means that the Foiritan corporations will collect fewer vouchers than the others, but as they are only competing amongst themselves it’s a complete non-issue.
  • Even so, we’re very sorry for not spotting this issue sooner and hope you show a little patience until the matter is resolved.
  • Finally, just remember that this is not the final step in the election event, there are many steps left that (fingers crossed) will keep you excited and involved throughout the summer. The Dominix reward was just the beginning (hint, hint).