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The o7 Show Airs Tonight At 20:00 UTC!

2016-08-14 - By CCP Falcon

Greetings internet spaceship television watching citizens of New Eden!

Tonight the o7 Show airs at 20:00 UTC. We'll be broadcasting simultaneously on TwitchYouTube and Facebook so you can watch it wherever you prefer.

We'll be sitting down with CCP Fozzie and CCP Masterplan to discuss the future, and there'll also be a chat with video maker and spaceship guru Rhiload about his awesome Zkill Ship Guides. In addition to this, we'll also be playing some fun games with our player commentators who'll be joining us in October for the upcoming Alliance Tournament, and taking a look at what the EVE community has been up to in recent weeks!

All that and more, on the o7 show!

Tonight at 20:00 UTC! Tune in!