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The second election for the CSM

2008-11-07 - By CCP Xhagen

Today the voting booth has been opened for the second CSM. The campaign so far has been vibrant and lively and we truly look forward to seeing the results.

Why should you vote?

This question is asked in every election, no matter where said election is being held. The answer to why you should vote in EVE is that the CSM is there to influence us in regards to EVE.

We want to bring to your attention several topics that the CSM has affected to varying degrees.

An example of how they have affected change would be the Orca, a ship type that has been worked on for some time, which became reprioritized due to CSM input. That is, the CSM had presented the need for an industrial ship of a size between the ‘old' indies and the freighters, thus the Orca was bumped up in the development line.

Concerns in regards to suicide ganking were raised by the CSM during their visit in Iceland where it was stressed that the consequences of that gamestyle were little. Thus we proposed the first step of increasing the security status hit received by the attackers in parallel with player vs. player standing penalty. This was, again, moving a design that was already in the pipelines forward to be released earlier than previously planned.

Switching ammo for all weapons was something the CSM brought up. Our response was that we had tried in the past to come up with a solution, but due to the nature of the operation it had not been considered prudent to proceed after initial investigations. After the meeting with the CSM in June, the project was revitalized and expanded a bit with weapon grouping, hopefully to the liking of everyone.

Alchemy was also stepped up due to feedback from the CSM. The change proposed by them was to have the moon material behave more like asteroids, i.e. where they would be mined out and then appear again. The effect would potentially be an increased supply as more people would have access to the resources. Our implementation is not as drastic but still achieves increased supply.

There are several other topics where the CSM has impacted the future development of EVE but, as has been pointed out before, we do not consider their work to be a competition with future CSMs but more of a symbiotic relationship between CCP and our community where we help each other.

These are the reasons why you should vote. The CSM has changed our views about EVE and how players view EVE, and it is our honest intention to act on the information provided by the CSM. You might notice that the outcome of the talks with the CSM are not all or nothing - we want small steps like with Alchemy to see where it leads, yet acting on the information the CSM provided, or the utilization of the idea from the CSM to expand an idea we were working on like with weapon grouping.

You should vote because with the CSM you can affect how EVE is developed.

You should vote because you can.