The unhackable warp beacons hacked; scientists shamed | EVE Online

The unhackable warp beacons hacked; scientists shamed

2004-11-15 - By Svarthol

The deadspace warp beacons, proclaimed as being unhackable by the Caldari scientists that built them, have been hacked. Not by any nefarious government agency bent on industrial espionage. No, the hacker has turned out to be a 17 year old Gallentean girl. The story has been well covered by the Scope. The family of seventeen year old Ladette Russeot was moving to a new home in the Jeon constellation, traveling on a high tech vessel owned by Ladette’s scientist father. Ladette missed her favorite soap opera, the Adventures of White Lightning, from her old home planet and decided to try and find it amongst the stellar wavelengths en route to her new home.

Ladette possessed just enough technological knowledge to be able to put the equipment on her father’s ship to good use, but not enough to realize how hopeless her task was. Undeterred, she set out to scan her surrounding space lanes and ended up finding the signal used by the empires for the deadspace warp beacons, quite by accident. Empire technicians are still trying to understand how Ladette managed to do what she did, but to the common man it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that what the empires intended to keep top secret is now out in the open, accessible to anyone interested in knowing how to enter deadspace locations.