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Theology Council Issues a Recall of Valuable Artifacts

2008-07-16 - By Svarthol

The Bleak Lands - With the outbreak of hostilities between the 24th Crusade and the Tribal Liberation Force in the Bleak Lands, the Theology Council has issued a removal of all artifacts with a "significant value to the Empire". This move is considered highly unusual and has raised some objection from locals and military leaders.

Numerous Holders and monasteries in the Bleak Lands own a variety of religious artifacts. Under normal circumstances, the Theology Council allows the owners to retain possession of the artifacts, except in rare situations when the artifacts are relevant to some debate taking place inside the Theology Council's halls.

While most of the artifacts are being turned over without protest, a few Holders in the area have criticized the decision. Lord Turas Jentai - who is giving up the original copy of Pentamon's Psalms penned by one of his family ancestors - called the order "overly cautious" and said it "sends a bad message."

"The Theology Council is essentially saying the Amarr Navy and 24th Crusade won't be able to protect us from the invaders," he said. "The Psalms have been in my family for generations. We've faced Blood Raiders, Defiants, and pirates and kept it safe. But now we're being forced to hand it over? What message does that send to the inhabitants of the Bleak Lands?"

The Theology Council has dismissed the complaints, saying the order is a "necessary precaution." The Amarr Navy and 24th Crusade have both said they are "complying with the Theology Council's orders and assisting in the safe transport of artifacts away from contested systems."