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This Week In The Unified Inventory

2012-05-27 - By CCP Soundwave

Hello Spacefriends

As mentioned previously, we are not at all happy with the state of the unified inventory. To everyone that is currently struggling with it, you have my apologies.

As a remedy, we’re going to try and provide you with weekly changes to it, until we get it into a state where you’re happy with it. Our first group of fixes will go out Tuesday, May 29th, and are as follows:

  • Looting: Cargo containers and wrecks will function the same. Having multiple wrecks or containers open should be easy to loot as you can just click “loot all” and it will automatically go to the next item on the list instead of your ships cargohold. There is an added performance increase as well.
  • Ship Hangars: Your active ship will be displayed in the ship hangar. It was a bit confusing that it would disappear. All assembled ships will now be displayed, regardless of activity state.
  • Ship Hangars: When you have a ship hangar open but switch ships, the hangars for the old ships will still be listed as “active ship”. That has been corrected.
  • Containers: Containers are sorted alphabetically. That makes a lot of sense.
  • Performance: We’ve applied fixes that let you handle larger numbers of items more gracefully. It should be a great deal faster now.
  • Performance: Handling large numbers of POS modules was extremely slow. That has been remedied and it should be back to pre-patch performance.
  • Errors: Action failed messages would pop up if you had two cargoholds open and tried to open a third. This has been fixed as well.
  • Corp Hangars: If a corporation has impounded items present in a station, directors will have a “release items” button which will give you access to the impounded assets.

That’s it for Tuesday, but we will not stop there. As soon as these improvements are published, we start working on the next round of changes. We’ll update what those are and when they go out shortly after.

Again, you guys have my deepest apologies for this situation. We’ll do whatever we can to rectify it.  We're going to continue to take your valuable feedback and add it to the list of changes we want to make.

More changes are coming, I'll do another update on Tuesday (May 29th).