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Thousands Trapped As Seyllin Magrail Link Fails

2009-03-10 - By Svarthol

SEYLLIN - In yet another disastrous turn of events, the magrail link between the cities of Loadcore and Southern Cross on Seyllin I has failed, trapping thousands of refugees underground.

Planetary evacuation is currently being conducted through the spaceports in Southern Cross and Valimor, as the other two major cities, Loadcore and Metal City, are located on the day side of the planet and are inaccessible by dropship. Thousands of refugees in Loadcore and Southern Cross had rushed to the magrail stations, after President Foiritan had confirmed that the cities on the day side of Seyllin will not be evacuated.

However, shortly thereafter a malfunction was reported on the major magrail link between Loadcore and Southern Cross, trapping a number of overcrowded trains underground.

"The system just wasn't designed to handle the load of such magnitude," said Jouno Wallid, senior engineer at Duvolle Laboratories. "Depending on the severity, it could take hours to get the magrail system up and running again."

Although the failed link is accessible via emergency tunnels, the malfunction is likely to severely hamper the already strained evacuation efforts.