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Trade Hub Continues to Grow for Intaki Liberation Front

2011-01-20 - By Svarthol

Intaki, Placid - The Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] are celebrating six months of a so far successful 5-5 trade hub in Intaki, which has seen them so far raise 15 billion ISK in sales of ships and items.

Apollonius Verus, ILF Director of Non-Combat Operations, seemed particularly happy that not only can capusleers purchase any type of small or medium tech 1 ship but they can also outfit it with tech 1 or tech 2 gear, "all without having to leave the Intaki system".

Maintaining such a trade hub has not been easy for the ILF, with mineral shortages causing problems early in the project's life. They say that they have now been "noticed" by mineral traders and, combining that with their own limited mining capabilities, now have a "large enough store of minerals" to keep their factories running for a long time.

The ISK generated is reinvested into four ongoing projects. The "bulk" of the ISK is put into the "Ship Replacement Program" and "Anti-Pirate Bounty Program". The rest of the ISK is spent on maintenance and infrastructure improvements to the ILF's "Prosperity Station" tower and on purchasing the blueprint copies they need. The "Ship Replacement Program" is a way the ILF pay back those capsuleers that offer them support by replacing ships lost to pirates. The "Anti-Pirate Bounty Program" is another incentive that sees capsuleers rewarded with ISK for any pirates destroyed in or around the Intaki system.

Apollonius said that the ILF is on course to hit the 30 billion ​ISK target after twelve months thanks to support from Global Ring Trading Consortium, Ivan Svyatoslav of RedSun Industries, Melibeus Trading, and also G'Kar5 of Intaki Research and Manufacturing. He also wanted to welcome any traders who would like to set-up in the Intaki system as "more competition leads to better prices".

The Intaki system is a low-sec area and is under contant threat from Serpentis pirates and capsuleer pirate organizations, which is why the ILF offer such programs as incentives for capsuleers to help them and themselves in the process. The ILF say they have always believed in helping the system and have worked dilligently to help with whatever problems the system has.

In closing, Apollonius mentioned that the 1000th ship was recently sold at the trade hub. While this may not seem such a great achievement to traders in high-security space, growing such an endeavour in low-security space with a limited capsuleer population is far more difficult, which to Apollonius "speaks volumes" about how successful the trade hub has been.

Apollonius provided a short list of ships sold and their estimated sales values in the trade hub so far:

  • Hurricane, 44 ships - for a total of 1,232,000,000 ISK
  • Drake, 28 ships - for a total of 868,000,000 ISK
  • Myrmidon, 18 ships - for a total of 594,000,000 ISK
  • Nemesis, 15 ships - for a total of 352,500,000 ISK
  • Harbinger, 13 ships - for a total of 390,000,000 ISK
  • Manticore, 12 ships - for a total of 222,000,000 ISK

The trade hub being developed by the Intaki Liberation Front in the Intaki V Moon 5 Astral Mining Inc. Refinery is now in its sixth month and on target to reach 30 billion in profit by the end of its first year.

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