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Tribute to the Fallen

2020-07-21 - By CCP Aurora

In 2007 Azia Burgi decided that it was a shame for the corpses of capsuleers to be left unceremoniously adrift in space. Having seen a cathedral-like structure in Kor Azor, Azia figured it would be fitting for the location to also have a graveyard. Being only a couple jumps from low security space, Azia and a few friends would venture out to gather the corpses left behind from battles to bring back to the cemetery, carefully cataloguing the name and date of the person interred – and eventually even upgrading them from a ‘grave’ to a ‘mausoleum’ if enough corpses were recovered. These graves took the form of cargo containers anchored around the site.

In 2008 the way items were anchored in space was changed, and the cemetery needed to move to a POS to prevent the graves from eventually despawning – objects near a POS would not decay. At the time of this move there were over 500 graves in the site.

Azia made a forum post about her project and, over time, the cemetery began to garner a fair share of fame – becoming something of a tourist attraction in New Eden as people came to see the amassed gravesites. This attracted the attention of those who would desecrate these graves as well, and the cemetery has come under attack on several occasions – being rebuilt each time.

Over time, the purpose of the site has shifted for those who visit it. Originally a role-play burial site simply for in-game characters the site has now become a destination for capsuleers looking to memorialize friends, family and fellow capsuleers who have passed on. Even today, capsuleers still visit the site to anchor a can in remembrance, placing inside it a few keepsake items (and sometimes a corpse) to remember them by and setting a short message on the anchored can.

When it was announced that POS’s would eventually be phased out of the game there was some concern for the future of this site, and about a year ago we presented a plan to replace the current POS with a more permanent memorial.

The new monument is made of earth like materials (basaltic columns) which serve the purpose of guarding our fallen capsuleers, represented by the two figures leaving the pod in a ray of light at the center. Every so often a ball of light builds around the capsule before ascending upward towards the stars.

We’re happy to announce this new monument is finally live on Tranquility. And worry not, just like the existing POS, cans dropped within 200km of the site will not despawn - although they may still be destroyed or looted. Should you wish to pay your respects, venture out to Molea, anchor a can and perhaps you will be lucky enough to witness the ascension of light effect if you visit at the right time.

To all of our capsuleers who have ventured onwards,

Fly safe