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Trouble in Querious attracts unexpected visitors

2004-10-31 - By Svarthol

Yesterday night, forces belonging to the MASS corporation and The Collective attacked the station located in 3BK-O7 in what appears to be an action instigated by a rogue Collective pilot. Held by a Fountain Alliance corporation, Stain’s ally, the attack was not only unprovoked, but a surprise as well.

The Fountain Alliance was quick to respond. Whilst their diplomats met each other, forces were dispatched in case the talks proved pointless. After a few tense hours, both parties withdrew, with no loss of lives or valuable assets.

Trigger and Nathan Voughn of the Stain Alliance and Fountain alliance, respectively, assured me that this unfortunate incident did not tarnish their alliances’ relationship to each other. The Fountain Alliance and Stain Alliance remain the best of friends.

However, the situation in Querious drew the attention of a third party. BoB, consisting of Arcane Technologies, Evolution, Reikoku and Black Nova Corp, somehow heard of the Stain attack on a Fountain station and took the long trip down from their claimed regions of Venal, Tenal and Branch to investigate.

BoB went “Sightseeing”, as Shrike explained to me. However, one of the Evolution pilots in the fleet, Shirak, died unexpectedly to a Fountain Pilots’ guns. Although his pod escaped unscathed, the attack caused Evolution, Reikoku and Black Nova Corp to respond with unrelenting aggression, invading the Fountain systems.

Unfortunately, we cannot independently verify losses on either side of the conflict. According to Shrike of Evolution, several battleships on FA’s side were destroyed, alongside a handful of cruisers and frigates.

It is uncertain what the future holds. What seemed to be a simple diplomatic matter between the Stain and Fountain Alliance escalated when the BoB fleet arrived on the scene. Although Stain forces have withdrawn fully, it is still a strange incident. Rumors have it that the Curse alliance, Stain and Fountain’s long-standing enemy, have something to do with the lone Collective pilot ordering the attack. According to Trigger, they knew about the MASS and Collective fleet’s attack even before it began! A strange situation indeed.

Concerning BoB and Fountain, undoubtedly, the hostilities will continue throughout the day. The Fountain Alliance considers it too soon to open diplomatic talks, as Shrike confirms by stating they have not yet heard from the Fountain Alliance Council.

No matter what happens, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Is the MASS and Collective assault really the result of a Curse Alliance ploy? What of Evolution, will they negotiate, or continue the attack on their former friends, the Fountain Alliance? Interesting times are ahead.