Tuskers' DeathRace on March 16 at 17:00! | EVE Online

Tuskers' DeathRace on March 16 at 17:00!

2013-03-14 - By CCP Eterne

This weekend on March 16, the Tuskers, originators of the massive Frigate Free For Alls, are holding a brand new event: the DeathRace! The DeathRace combines two things loved throughout New Eden: death and races! Come test your ability to get from place to place as fast as you can while trying to avoid being blown up AND blowing up anyone who's ahead of you. The race kicks off at 17:00 and will be live streamed.

In addition to wonderful ISK and ship prizes, CCP is also throwing in a 50-day time code for each of the top three finishers!

For official rules and a full list of prizes, see here.