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Twitch Drops are Landing in EVE

2023-08-18 - By EVE Online Team

Watchful Capsuleers,

EVE Online is now offering Twitch Drops, meaning that all pilots can claim free rewards just for watching EVE Online content on Twitch.

The first round of Twitch Drops rewards offer Capsuleers the stunning Sunesis Violet Vellication SKIN, the head turning Gnosis Galnet StreamCast Unit SKIN, and enviably stylish male and female Semiotique Superlumina jackets. And each of them can be yours for free, just for catching up on the best streamed EVE Online content there is. Across Twitch you’ll find dramatic New Eden battles, fascinating developer sessions, update deep dives, insights into EVE’s forever, amazing fan content, and more.

All you need to do is link your EVE and Twitch accounts, and get watching EVE Online content across Twitch, from the official CCPTV channel to streams from approved channels. Here’s exactly how the process works:

  • Step 1: Login to your EVE Account from our special Twitch page

  • Step 2: Click ‘Link Twitch’

  • Step 3: Head to Twitch, login, and/or confirm the authorization to link your EVE and Twitch Accounts

  • Step 4: With the account linking confirmed, you can watch content on the official CCPTV Twitch channel, before claiming your rewards via Twitch’s ‘Drops & Rewards’ section

  • Step 5: Head back to your EVE account, and your rewards will be ready and waiting for you in the Redeeming section

This is just the beginning of EVE Online Twitch Drops. Stay tuned in future as new rewards become available. Watch your favourite content and get rewarded!