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UDI operative captured – Foiritan to make public address

2004-04-06 - By Svarthol

Yesterday evening Federal Intelligence Office agents acting under cover of disguise are reported to have captured an operative of the UDI somewhere in the Sinq Laison region. Federation officials have been unavailable for comment on the matter, but a FIO spokesman told reporters earlier today that the investigation was “making steady progress,” declining to comment further on the matter.

Infrequent skirmishes are reported to have taken place in the Sinq Laison region recently between agents of President Foiritan’s specially appointed task force and UDI operatives. Since last week’s atrocity theories have abounded as to the origin of the mysterious terrorist organization, but as of yet no conclusive evidence has been unearthed.

President Foiritan, it is reported, has been sitting in closed session with his advisors over the past few days, preparing a public address where he will elaborate on the Federation’s stance towards current events. It is unknown at this point just what issues the President will touch upon, but analysts agree that the Elarel massacre and the surrounding Quafe Ultra debate will play large roles in the allocution.

The atmosphere within Gallente halls of government has seen a marked change since the attack in Elarel last week. The Senate and the Supreme Court have remained uncharacteristically quiet on issues where there traditionally is much contention, and the President has, according to one analyst, been able to “pretty much bulldoze his way through whatever obstacles have presented themselves in order to further his own ends.” Inside sources have stated that the president “has been an angry man this last week, and it’s showing.”

The President is expected to give his address tomorrow afternoon.