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UDI operative extradited to Amarr

2004-05-07 - By Svarthol

This just in: according to confirmed eyewitness sightings, alleged UDI terrorist Goran Mitelek was late last night escorted from Federation Navy HQ in Algogille to an undisclosed location in Amarr space.

The extradition comes hard on the heels of two weeks’ worth of tooth-and-nail debates within Gallente government, where Federation President Foiritan has, with unflagging consistency, made his wishes to hang on to the prisoner abundantly clear. Representatives from the Office of the President were not available at time of going to press, but the general expectation is that the President will not take the news lightly.

Mitelek, who up until yesterday afternoon had been held in captivity at one of the Federal Intelligence Office complexes in the Essence region, was reportedly transferred to Algogille on direct orders from the Senate. Following a brief period of interrogation, the prisoner was then escorted by Navy personnel off the premises and into a transport, which took him to Amarr territory.

Polling on the subject over the past two weeks has revealed that a vast majority of the Gallente public are opposed to seeing Mitelek extradited. According to an impromptu poll conducted moments before going to press, roughly eighty-seven percent of those polled replied that they wanted to see the Ni-Kunni brought to justice by Gallente tribunal, while only seven percent wanted to see him given to the Amarr.

More on this development as it unfolds.