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Underworld Excavators Mercenary Alliance Expands

2010-02-22 - By Svarthol

Jita, The Forge - In the past few months, mercenary alliance Underworld Excavators [WHACK] has dramatically grown with to the addition of two new corporations.

Formed on the 16th of May 111, the alliance focuses on mercenary services such as protection of assets, pilots and provision of military services to corporations that request them.

New member corporations Maelstrom Crew and Duty. between them house 83 pilots, tripling the size of the alliance. Both corporations had been active for some years as mercenary organizations in their own right before joining WHACK.

Le Soltueur, Underworld Excavators' CEO, explained "Aside from increasing the numbers of experienced mercenary [pilots], they've also helped to bolster our capital fleet which gives us a bit more leverage in low-sec."

Khul Drukath, CEO of Maelstrom Crew corporation, added that while his capsuleers prefer flying in small ships, they do not specialize in any particular tactic or ship class. Khul also offered insight on why his corporation joined Underworld Excavatiors: "We felt that we had a lot in common and that there would be smooth integration."

Mercenaries are regarded by many as ruthless and unfair killers. Imperial'guard, former diplomat of Terminal Logic corporation, recalled a fight between Underworld Excavators and his former corporation. "We were fighting them in Dodixie and they had more than 15 [neutral vessels] repping them." He did, however, feel that mercenary corporations are a necessary evil; "They can help [corporations] that can't handle a fight, like [industrialists]."

Underworld Excavators plans to continue offering their expanded mercenary services but hope to use violence as a last resort. In a final statement, Le Solteur said "[Combat] is a very expensive and extended engagement [that] can be diffused by simply opening some conversation."

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