Unscheduled downtime 04:00- 04:30 and CTD | EVE Online

Unscheduled downtime 04:00- 04:30 and CTD

2003-06-15 - By CCP Hellmar

It turned out that there were more code paths than the agent mission pirate scenario that caused the illegal state described in my last entry. In the downtime last night we put out a fix that banns the illegal state at the lower level in the system and stacktraces the code path causing it.

Now that I have received the logs from last night, which include logs from 04:30-11:00 I see that group based NPC infestations of scenarios and encounters was also at fault and the low level fix holds as the "perma-client-CTD" petitions have stopped.

So the low-level fix is holding and we'll deploy a high level fix in tomorrow’s downtime, having the low-level guard/stacktrace only makes some NPCs behave strangely, shouldn't CTD anyone.