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Update on investigation into allegations of misconduct

2007-05-27 - By Svarthol

We are proceeding with our investigations into the four allegations brought to our attention - alleged misconduct on the part of two developers in separate incidents, removal of a volunteer from the program and bias within the event team concerning an event arc, the last an incident which has already been investigated in the past. This information has also been posted to this forum thread.

While we are not able to address all four incidents in this announcement, I would like to take the opportunity to report the results of one investigation, CCP Sharkbait joining a player corporation.

In the past, CCP Sharkbait has joined player corporations when CCP has been petitioned with issues and specific case bug reports. In these rare instances, he has joined the corporation, verified information not available through the server interface and removed himself from the corporation. His departure from the corporation leaves an eve-mail in the CEO's inbox, thus showing his presence in the corporation for a short time.

This instance was brought about as the result of a player-submitted petition. Sharkbait joined the corporation to investigate and resolve an issue reported by a member of the corporation in question. While the method may be viewed as unorthodox, the information gained is vital to the continued QA effort and enjoyment of EVE by the corporation in question. Our investigation shows Sharkbait was not involved in any malicious or nefarious actions requiring administrative action.

We will continue to post updates on the status of the other investigation when information is available. We will also announce our findings when they have been completed.

CCP Arkanon

UPDATE: For further clarification, the petition (Petition #631627) which prompted CCP Sharkbait to join the corporation was created on the 6th of May. Note that our policies prohibit us from releasing details of the petition, as well as who filed it. After GMs were unable to fix the issue, an email was sent out asking for developer help. CCP Sharkbait reported the matter as resolved the same day, on the 9th of May.

CCP Arkanon