Update on login issues with the test server 'Singularity' on January 26 | EVE Online

Update on login issues with the test server 'Singularity' on January 26

2016-01-28 - By CCP Phantom

After an issue we encountered on Tuesday afternoon with the login server (Single Sign-On; SSO) for our test server, Singularity, we discovered that usernames were appearing in the Singularity section of the new Launcher without the user having entered them.  Apart from the usernames themselves, no data was given out, and the accounts were inaccessible as Singularity was down at the time and has remained offline since.

In an update we carried out yesterday on the test login server we purged all login tokens from the launcher, meaning users needed to log in again with all accounts that you use.  We apologise for the inconvenience but wanted to take as many steps as possible to resolve the issue promptly. 

We will be releasing a game Launcher later today, January 28, to remove the display of these usernames entirely. This update will also be fixing some crashes and such.  For more details on this and other updates, see the EVE Launcher forums

Singularity will remain inaccessible until later this afternoon, and the mass test scheduled for today will go ahead as planned.