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Updates to prices in GBP

2020-09-03 - By CCP Dopamine

Dear Capsuleers,

On 5 October 2020, there will be an update to the pricing of all Omega and Skill Extractor products for players paying using the Pound Sterling (GBP). This is being done in order to bring GBP prices in line with other main currencies (USD/EUR). Active Omega subscriptions will also be affected, and will update automatically after 5 October.

The main reason for the price change is that changes in currency conversion over the past few years have created an imbalance between the pricing in GBP, USD and EUR.

Furthermore, the prices have not changed since 2014, so these must be updated in order to maintain relative consistency across EVE Online's many markets.

Here are the new prices:


PackCurrent PriceNew Price
1 month9.9911.99
3 months27.9929.99
6 months49.9955.99
12 months89.9999.99


PackCurrent PriceNew Price

Having this information in advance means that you have over a month to top up your Omega, and stock up on Skill Extractors at the current prices in order to prepare adequately for the changes on 5 October.

We will continue to monitor the change in currency conversion over the next few months in order to see if any other adjustments may be needed.

Fly safe, Capsuleers.