Upgrade now for a better launch experience | EVE Online

Upgrade now for a better launch experience

2023-12-13 - By EVE Online Team

Intrepid capsuleers!

The new EVE Online launcher offers a faster, more seamless way to immerse yourself in EVE’s universe, and includes a host of community-requested features. Your characters are now front and center of the launch experience, and there are plenty of opportunities to personalize that experience too - just how you want it.

The new launcher also helps us deliver crucial security updates quickly and automatically, and makes reporting any issues you run into faster and easier than ever before.

As part of the rollout process, you’ll soon be prompted to accept this update from the existing launcher. Simply hit the upgrade button when you see it, and all of your accounts will be automatically transferred, making it easy to quickly warp back into New Eden. Now that the upgrade process is very nearly finalized, please be aware that the old version of the launcher is no longer available to download. 

If you’d like to manually upgrade right now, doing so is easy! You can also check out this help center article for more details on what you can expect from the new launcher.