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Use your vote!

2009-11-20 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

As many of you may have seen, the elections for the Fourth Council of Stellar Management are currently in the voting stage. For those who are not aware, the CSM is a group of EVE players who are elected by the EVE community to represent their views and raise the issues they and those they represent have. Many changes have come into effect because of the efforts of those elected, some of which you can read about in previous blogs by CCP Xhagen.

So far since the CSM began, 146 campaigns have been run and 72,611 votes have been cast. The candidates elected through these elections have raised many issues with CCP (a list can be found on the EVElopedia here), and provide a vital additional path of communication between the EVE playerbase and CCP.

Voice your opinions on where EVE should or indeed should not be headed by making sure you vote in the elections. Head on over to the Jita Park Speakers Corner section of the EVE forums to read the campaign threads and ongoing discussions regarding the current elections. When you are ready to cast your vote, the voting page can be found here.

Don't let your vote go to waste!

-- CCP Diagoras