Vat Out of Hel - Now Live | EVE Online

Vat Out of Hel - Now Live

2020-11-10 - By CCP Dopamine

Immortal Capsuleers,

As part of the Phoenix Quadrant, the Vat Out of Hel update to Supercarriers is now live in EVE Online! This significant update to the Supercarrier class introduces the new Tactical Capsuleer Recloner, stunning new visuals, and added ship balance for these behemoths of New Eden! Be sure to read the full details on these changes in the original announcement.

To complement the Vat Out of Hel update, the Headhunter SKIN has returned to EVE Online's New Eden Store for the Aeon, Hel, Nyx, and Wyvern with a 20% discount. The offers are available until 11:00 UTC on 17 November.

In addition, the Blazing Phoenix Pack and Ascendant Phoenix Pack are both on sale in the EVE Store until 11:00 UTC on 1 December! The Blazing Phoenix Pack contains the Capital Ships Skill Book to start you on your way to flying EVE's largest ships - including Supercarriers - as well as Skill Books for using Fighters.