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Venture forth to the Proving Grounds!

2022-03-11 - By EVE Online Team

Resourceful Capsuleers!

To mark the exciting new mining chapter in EVE’s New Player Experience, a very special Proving Grounds event is set to take place from 12-14 March!

The challenge this time around? Grab your trusty mining Ventures, and fit them for an intense 48 hours of free-for-all combat! The skill requirements are low, the stakes are affordable, and everybody’s welcome in this fun twist on the format.

As always, some fitting restrictions apply. Sensor Dampeners, Weapon Disruptors, Shield Rechargers, Shield Power Relays, Shield Flux Coils, and Core Defense Field Purgers are banned altogether.

Additionally, you can only bring one local repair module (shield or armor) with you, and all modules are limited to Meta 4.

As you’d expect, there are a few extra twists to be found in the combat arena itself! The following bonuses will be in place to keep you on your toes as you optimize your ship fits:

  • +100% turret damage
  • -50% turret capacitor consumption
  • +25% turret optimal range
  • +100% bonus to the benefits of overheating, other than EWAR

There’s a lot to think about with this one! Pore over your ship fits, and get ready to explore the other side of industry by blowing up some stuff. You might even get a taste for a different playstyle in EVE!