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Video contest for the next o7 show

2016-02-09 - By CCP Guard

Space friends!

The next o7 show will air on Thursday February 25 and with Fanfest drawing closer we want to challenge you to a festive contest!

'My favorite thing about Fanfest'

We want you to send us a short video telling us what is your favorite thing about EVE Fanfest.

Make sure the video is no more than 10 seconds long but apart from that we want you to have full creative freedom on what you include in your video, how much effort you put into it, or how you express your love for Fanfest.

Please send your previously unpublished submission (or a download link) to before Tuesday February 23. We'll air the best ones and crown the winner on the show.

Please use the following format:

PLEX and skin prizes in store for the best videos, plus eternal glory of course!

See you on Twitch, February 25 at 20:00 EVE time!