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Want Omega? Grab 15% off Omega

2022-08-20 - By EVE Online Team

Economical Capsuleers,

As any seasoned pilot will tell you, upgrading to Omega gives you the full EVE experience. And from 20-to-22 August, you can get 15% off the regular price of Omega over at the EVE store.

That’s a massive saving, and one that doesn’t come around too often. So, if you want to taste the full EVE Online experience – or make a great saving while extending your existing Omega Clone state time – this sale offers a perfect opportunity.

Omega lets you unlock double skill training speed, access advanced pilot skills, take the reins of a wide range of EVE's best and biggest ships, make use of the full contracts system of trading, and much more besides. Put another way, it lets you do more and experience more in EVE Online.

You can also spend PLEX to buy Omega time, and enjoy all those gains. Head to the New Eden Store between 20 and 22 August and you can get 15% off of 1 month or 12 months of Omega.