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We want your videos for the EVE Fanfest 2018 live stream!

2018-01-25 - By CCP Guard

Greetings, creative capsuleers!

As always, we want your video content to be a big part of the EVE Fanfest live stream this year, from April 12-14. Player created videos add an amazing flavor to major event streams each time and for EVE's 15th anniversary party we'd love to see a great tradition honored in style!

The reason we're raising this with you early is that we want to give you plenty of time to create the video that will carry your legacy beyond the stars!

We are looking for short videos (15-20 seconds) that can be played in sequence between presentations and other live Fanfest content. A popular approach is to create ads for corporations, alliances, EVE services or EVE community organizations. But we don't want to tell you what to do...well not entirely at least! But we have to establish some general rules...

General Rules

  1. All video must be Eve related.
  2. The item/service being advertised must be Eve related.
  3. Video cannot include copyrighted audio or visuals (we have great lawyers but we need them for other stuff)
  4. The video must be suitable for all ages.
  5. Content must be respectable (no attack ads) and suitable for broadcast.
  6. Videos must be in English, including all text.
  7. The quality of the video must reflect positively on EVE itself (and modern day Earth). We will reserve rights to reject material but we may offer suggestions for improvements if needed.

To make life easier on everyone, it's best to establish the technical requirements up front and we ask you to study them carefully before you get cracking. We may contact you back if minor tweaks are needed but we may also reject submissions that clearly miss the mark.

Technical rules

  1. Videos should have a resolution of 1920x1080 with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio; videos will not be accepted in any other resolutions. Videos should not contain vertical black bars.
  2. Videos should be rendered at 25 frames per second. Videos will not be accepted at any other frame rate.
  3. Time length should be 15-20 seconds. No more, no less.
  4. All audio must be your own, CCP´s, or royalty free / Creative commons.
  5. If you are using Royalty Free / Creative Commons audio then credit the author somewhere in the end plate of your video. An end plate is where you typically put your Logo, Url and such.
  6. Video codec should be Mp4 or MOV file with H.264 as a compressor at 15 to 20Mbps.
  7. Label your video file appropriately. Example: AllianceName_AdTitle_FANFEST2018.mp4
  8. Each creator/organization is allocated one ad slot in each cycle max. You can submit multiple adverts but they will rotate with each cycle of all the ads.
  9. You must include the source of your audio in your email to us, even if you are not required to credit the author.

Videos should be sent as a non-expiring downloadable link to evetv@ccpgames.com with the subject "EVE fanfest 2018 video"