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What is this Council of Stellar Management anyway?

2008-05-09 - By CCP Xhagen

Links to important sections:

The Council forum

The design idea and the summary paper

The voting booth

Candidates are campaigning for a seat in this council and sometimes heated discussions can be seen on the forums, either between the candidates or between the candidates and voters. Things are pondered, the past is brought into the light with words such as "...but here you said something that could be interpreted as contradictory to your current statement..." In other places candidates and voters share the ideas conversed and the atmosphere can only be described as 'harmonious'. This is exactly what we wish to go gain from the Council of Stellar Management: discussions, arguments and progress via talks are our goals.

Eligibility for voting is simple, if your account is 30 days or older, you can vote. There is one vote per account – meaning that those with multiple accounts have multiple votes.

A short rundown of what the CSM will do:

  • All players can propose a topic to be handled by the Council.
  • A topic can consist of anything, and deal with any EVE related matter.
  • Players have to convince one, or more, of the Council members to bring the topic up at a Council meeting.
  • A 'support' system is in place to allow players to declare support for a topic in a CSM forum channel which will be opened after the election.
  • This 'support' system will make it easy for the Council members to get an overview of which topics players are concerned about.
  • If 5% of the voters support a topic, the Council is required to bring it up. This is done to accommodate the voters, not the Council.
  • All Council meeting minutes will be documented by the Council members and published for all players.
  • Topics, reaching the Council, have to receive a majority vote from the Council members before the Council can escalate the topic to the CCP council.
  • The minimum time a topic has to stay open on the public forum is 7 days before it can be brought up by the Council – this applies to topics put forth by the Council members, or the voters.
  • A topic is brought up in the Council if a Council member decides to bring it up there, yet never before the 7 day discussion period is up.

Each Council is elected for a mandate period of 6 months; no representative can be elected more than two mandate periods.

The Council will meet with the CCP Council in Iceland once per mandate period. They will also be able to send in topics, via mail, twice during that time. The topics sent in will be replied to by CCP and the answers will be made public.

CCP commits to give honest and transparent answers to as many of the topics brought up by the Council of Stellar Management as possible. While the Council does not have any formal powers within CCP, it is a very important communication conduit between CCP and the players which is why we encourage you to see what the candidates have to say. Our players are why we make this game after all.