2008-02-06 - By CCP Tuxford

Hi its Tuxford. This is my first blog in a long time, so please go easy on me as I'm a bit rusty. We've been tinkering a bit with the overview settings and personally I think it's all cool stuff, but you can judge for yourself.

Better EWAR notification

Our current EWAR notification is not good enough in my opinion. You can see that someone is jamming you but you can't get that information easily. You can't differentiate between RSD, TD and TP. I don't think I need to list the shortcomings here; I guess you're all familiar with them.

We wanted to improve combat awareness for players and this change is the first step in that direction. We decided to use the existing overview to display EW states. When someone uses either an EWAR module or propulsion jamming module on you, an icon is displayed in the corresponding overview entry. The types are aggregated so if "Joe" is using 4 sensor dampeners on you you only get one icon. Also lacking is a gauge of how much effect the EW is having on you.

Currently the default settings is to have all this turned "Off". Although people have varying opinion about default settings, I think most will agree that the default should be "On". To turn them on, you need to go to you overview settings, open the appearance tab and change the settings in the EWAR sub-tab.

Anyways here's eyecandy. Everybody likes eyecandy!

Overview tabs

Now I know we're adding information and I'm of the opinion that too much information is the same as not enough. That's why we wanted some way to switch quickly between modes overview settings so you could have relatively simple filters and switch between them. This brings us to the overview tabs. You can load up to 6 overview tabs. One is always labeled default and has the "Not saved" overview settings which is basically what you have when you have modified your overview settings and not saved it yet. They are also lacking bracket filters. Now you might be wondering what are bracket filters.

What are bracket filters?

All the icons you can see in space I call brackets. Currently you can't filter any of them out which means after a particularly long round of NPC spawns space gets kind of cluttered with icons which you aren't really particularly interested in. Now you can use the overview filters to filter out the brackets in space. Seems simple but it also makes the overview tabs slightly more confusing because now the tab contains information not only about what overview settings you want to have and what bracket settings you want to have, but a name for that new combo.

The future

We wanted to make some additional filters, such as ships not using EWAR, not targeting or not aggressing me, as well as something like only show wrecks I or my corp owns but there wasn't enough time. We've also wanted for some time to make the settings exportable and thats some of the things we'll be looking into later on.

Well this is it for me.