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Winter Dev Caravan

2019-12-18 - By GM IceCream

Holiday-spirited Capsuleers,

The days are short, the nights are long, and lights are up on all the houses. This can only mean one thing; the return of the Winter Dev Caravan! On 20 December, the amazing BjornBee will be leading an intrepid gang of CCP Devs, GMs, and ISDs through New Eden on an epic roam.

This year, an extra roam will be added. That’s right, not one, but two roams! The first roam will be undocking at 09:00 (EVE Time). The second roam will head out at 20:00 (EVE Time). To add to the holiday shenanigans, these fleets will be equipped with some Reindeer Filaments, so you Null-Sec Capsuleers better not be on the naughty list because CCP is coming to town! The caravan will be starting off in Low Sec, and will jingle jangle its way through New Eden.

To summarize, the roams are on Friday 20 December:

  • 09:00 (EVE Time) roam
  • 20:00 (EVE Time) roam

Ships in the caravan will be carrying some holiday goodies in their cargo holds, so swing by, kill some Devs and maybe you will get some PLEX and loot! This is also your best chance to throw some snowballs at a Developer, or maybe even scoop a frozen Dev corpse or two, apparently they trade well!

You can tune in for all the fun on the official CCP Twitch channel.