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Your EVE client needs YOU!

2012-01-18 - By CCP Masheen

Some of you may have heard about the re-organization that is ongoing within EVE development led by CCP Unifex. A part of this re-organization is the formation of a group of developers within a larger segment called EVE Service Quality.

EVE Service Quality includes Customer Support, Community Relations, Virtual World Operations and now a dedicated group of EVE ‘Live’ developers. Some of these developers will be familiar to you as parts of the old Engineering teams Gridlock, Sleeper Cell, Pi and Riding Mower. The EVE Live team is led by CCP Zulu and has the specific mandate to work on raising the quality of your experience playing EVE.

I am CCP Masheen, I have worked on teams BFF and Pi since 2010. Together, myself, CCP TomB and CCP Highlander will be identifying, researching, testing and prioritizing those issues which adversely affect your EVE experience so that EVE Live developers can work on improving them.

We are kicking the year off with a focus on Client Performance, how the client behaves and areas where we could show it some love. Over the past year Team Gridlock and EVE Operations have refined and overhauled both the server software and hardware to reap huge performance gains. This year, in the name of making your EVE experience even better, a series of client optimizations are on the way.

We are looking for the type of issue that might not normally be reported. For example:

This happens because it takes a few seconds to summon all the ships and display them on your EVE client. However, the initial appearance that the hangar is empty can be a little scary if you’re not expecting it. So, perhaps what we could do is add some way of letting you know that the list of ships is being fetched so that you don’t panic momentarily and since it may have been a while since one of our clever people took a look at the hangar code, we can check to see if there is any way to speed up the process.

If you would like to promote something which you believe is worthy of a performance tune-up please tell us in the comments what things about the client you would like to work just that bit better, but... for-the-love-of-CONCORD…be specific!

Including a summary of your PC’s vital statistics is extra helpful and clicking ‘Like’ on the posts of other players whose suggestions you support will help us to determine how popular improving something would be.

Developers in the EVE Service Quality group are already working on client optimizations to the Overview (yes indeed), more about that exciting development in an upcoming Dev blog. 

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