Upgrade to Omega

Unlock everything in EVE Online

Omega is the premium subscription in EVE Online. Upgrade your account today and unlock all of EVE Online's skills, ships and content!

Train Skills 2x Faster

Unlock Unlimited Skill Queue

Gain Access To All Skills

Unlock all 345+ Spaceships

Level up with Omega

- Unlock limitless skill training with access to the entire EVE Online skill tree
- Train your skills twice as fast
- Remove the 24 hour limit on your skill queue
- Gain access to all 345+ spaceships in EVE Online, including Omega exclusive Triglavian ships
- Unlock all EVE Online modules, weapons and ship fittings
- Unlock all EVE Online content
- Gain full access to Planetary Interaction (no limits on planetary exports)
- Gain full access to the contracts system (sell multiple items direct to players for ISK)
- Pay lower taxes on industry and science jobs

Upgrade to Omega

If your Omega time elapses you will switch back to Alpha Clone State. Alphas are unable to use or train the Omega skills but all money, items and ships will remain. Your progress in the Omega skills is maintained and as soon as you upgrade again all your trained skills will be active. Omega gives you the freedom to explore all that EVE has to offer.