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Beyond Uprising: More new EVE content!

2022-11-15 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Eager Capsuleers,

The newest narrative-driven expansion, Uprising, introduced new ships to command, the ability to proudly fly your colors with corporation and alliance emblems, a clear path to the warzone, immersive new Upwell hangars, and a series of Factional Warfare changes that usher in the future of war in New Eden. Just a week later, the Uprising continues with the latest update live today, which brings even more fresh content and refinements to EVE.

As of today, you and your fellow pilots now have access to the thrilling world of Factional Warfare battlefields, offering even more Uprising content to sink your teeth into. These new battlefields give pilots yet another way to embrace a distinct blend of action-packed combat.


The Factional Warfare battlefields let two teams battle it out over specified areas and will spawn across the cluster, with new openings appearing in The Agency and via the Factional Warfare interface. Use an Acceleration Gate to journey to the selected area, and you can join your wingmen to fight to control areas, defend bases, and battle for score through a ‘tug-of-war’ point-stealing mechanic.

Battlefields in Factional Warfare promise to bring EVE Online some of its most dynamic, energetic combat yet to be seen. And when one battlefield closes another spawns elsewhere, meaning there will always be more action to chase down.


Aside from that, there are a series of other updates and refinements as part of the Uprising expansion you can read more about in today’s Patch Notes. You can be sure there’s more to come, as New Eden’s future is an exciting place with plenty in store.

For those who want a peek behind the curtain into all the love that went into Uprising, check out these development interviews:

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