Capsuleer Day XX has arrived! | EVE Online

Capsuleer Day XX has arrived!

2023-05-06 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Today, EVE turns 20 years old. That’s two decades, and it’s all down to you: the amazing EVE Online community! To rejoice with your fellow capsuleers make sure you join the EVE Anniversary Celebrations at Jita 4-4 today!

There will be a livestream from Jita starting at 17:00 today, 6 May, with plenty of nostalgia, games, and prizes! CCP Hellmar joins the stream at 18:00 to talk about the early days of EVE Online, and at 19:00 CCP Helmar and other devs will undock to celebrate the anniversary in the cosmic firework bonanza at Jita. At 20:00, Spectre Fleet will take over the stream for their 600th Ganked roam. Jita will be hopping tonight, so come and join the celebrations – and if you can’t make it in the clone flesh, there’s always the stream at


The EVE community is unique in the MMO world – nowhere else can you find people who will cheerfully blow you up, and then turn around and give solid advice on how to not let it happen again. EVE’s community is what shapes the game.

EVE Online is about more than just who owns what system, or who is fighting whom. It’s about making history and getting into the the Guinness Book of Records, and then breaking those and even more records. It’s about thousands of players coming together to battle or coming together to hold a vigil for players who have passed away. It’s about EVE players raising more than 1.2 million USD for charity through PLEX For Good.

It’s about the memorial in Molea, and it’s about the EVE Monument in Reykjavik, with hundreds of thousands of capsuleers immortalized on it. It’s about EVE allowing you to be the person you truly want to be, whether that’s the most honest capsuleer in EVE or the leader of an alliance. It’s about leaving permanent marks on the universe of EVE Online and coming together to make something that’s much greater than the sum of its parts.


As part of the 20th Capsuleer Day celebrations, the EVE Monument in Reykjavik will be expanded, with new names being added for the first time since the monument was installed 10 years ago. To etch your legacy on the monument, make sure you are Omega today!

Don’t miss the Capsuleer Day event which runs until 30 May, and is packed with challenges and rewards such as exclusive anniversary SKINs, Genolution implants and more! There’s also the login campaign, which can net Omega players more than half a million Skill Points, thousands of EverMarks, a new SOCT ship and four existing ones in addition to the plethora of Alpha rewards.