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Don’t Miss The Interstellar Convergence!

2022-01-19 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Brave Capsuleers,

There is still time to join the EVE Online x Doctor Who crossover event! Explore new areas of space, uncover a mystery that links distant worlds, fight the terrifying Dalek evil, claim rewards in an event like no other in EVE’s history, and celebrate the world of a science fiction icon.

The time-limited crossover, The Interstellar Convergence, runs until 1 February, and is perfect for both EVE newcomers, regular pilots and veteran Capsuleers. So, whether you’re a Whovian curious about the world of EVE, are early in your journey through the star cluster, or have spent years in New Eden and are looking for something distinct, this is the event for you.

As well as facing off against the Dalek menace, the crossover brings you daily access to gifts, bonuses, and other items, each inspired by the world of the BBC’s beloved, influential show - a timeless sci-fi classic that first aired in 1963.

As well as bonus rewards for daily log-ins, a range of packs specially curated for the Doctor Who event have been put together and are available in the EVE Store now. As well as containing key event items and EVE essentials such as Skill Points and PLEX, many also include stylish pilot apparel and SKINs inspired by the world of Doctor Who. You can also head to the New Eden Store in-game to grab discounted Doctor Who themed SKIN bundles - including many with animated lighting effects to make you stand out in the star cluster.

Don’t miss out on this unique event! You’ve got until 1 February to track down the Daleks and send them back to where they came from!

Check out the Interstellar Convergence’s devoted web page for more information on the crossover, and how to get involved.