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EVE Online: Odyssey has been deployed

2013-06-04 - 发布者 CCP Falcon

EVE Online: Odyssey has been deployed. The 19th free expansion for EVE Online brings a new age of discovery to New Eden with new exploration challenges and improved career missions to support and guide pilots through the new changes.

EVE Online: Odyssey also brings a whole host of visual and usability improvements including the new radial navigation tool, an improved soundscape, and dynamic transitions that replace many of the loading bars of old, as well as four new Navy Issue Battlecruisers, a rebalance of Navy Issue ships, improvements to starbases and null sec outposts, and a new spacescape for New Eden.

Along with these changes, Odyssey introduces dual character trainining, and further additions to the recently released crimewatch system bring tags for security status, opening the door for those on the wrong side of CONCORD to pay penance to the long arm of the law for their wrongdoing.

For more information about the latest EVE Online expansion, please visit the Odyssey feature page. Full patch notes are available here.

Please report any issues with Odyssey in this thread; a thread for general feedback is available here.