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Federation Customs captures Serpentis Carrier in Drug Raid

2007-08-15 - 发布者 Svarthol

An operation that has taken months of undercover work and surveillance came to a conclusion on Sunday evening as the Regional Drug Squad of the Federation Customs captured a Serpentis Carrier fully laden with the drug Rise. The drug, which was expected to be distributed around the region by fast interceptors and sympathisers, has been a scourge on the region of Placid, due to it appealing mainly to the Intaki population.

Inspector Xavier, in command of the drug squad, held a press conference to sing the praises of his teams' effort in tracking down the carrier and its cargo. Starting the conference with stating that his team had “ dealt a crushing blow to the Serpentis Corporation” , he went on to say, “we uncovered intelligence that Cobra Squadron of the Serpentis Corporation was smuggling in Rise into Placid by means of a Thanatos Class Carrier.”

The Inspector mobilised his fleet and went to intercept the carrier in the Dour system, and located it from the Cynosural Field signature. When the Federation Customs arrived at the point in which the carrier had jumped in, they were met by a small amount of resistance from the Serpentis and what the Inspector described as “ a band of capsuleers intent on causing destruction.”

At the forefront of this battle was Vorada Kuvakei, the ex-Mordus Legion pilot, and now leader of Illoren. The Inspector explained that Illoren were a vigilante group who operate in Placid. Xavier dismissed the help from Kuvakei and Illoren, “Kuvakei and Illoren seem to be more politically motivated than to help the situation. At all times during the investigation, Kuvakei tried to score political points, withheld information and evidence, and in my opinion, prolonged the operation rather than helping us out.”

The Placid Militia, who have taken it upon themselves to help keep the Region of Placid clean, were also present at the scene and were assisting The Federation Customs. He closed the press conference by thanking Gallente Federation Loyalists in Placid, “It is pleasing to see citizens' stand and fight for what they know is good and true. I will be speaking with their leaders in the near future to arrange a formal thank-you from the Federal authorities. I wish every Federation citizen took as much pride in their regions as they do.”

Before leaving the stage he found time to make a quick joke “Not too much pride though, I still want a job to come to in the morning.”