Join the mass test this Tuesday, July 21 | EVE Online

Join the mass test this Tuesday, July 21

2015-07-20 - 发布者 CCP Phantom

We invite you to join the next mass test on our public test server Singularity on July 21st at 17:00 UTC.

This time we are testing newly revamped visual effects for Utility Module (such as Energy Destabilization, Capacitor Transfer, Warp Scrambling, EWAR, Salvagers/Tractor Beams), as well as a new audio system for turrets in general. If you are interested in attending please join us on Singularity, Tuesday, July 21st, at 17:00 EVE-time (=UTC). All participants will receive a small reward of two million skill points on Singularity.

Please refer to this forum thread for more information about how you participate in the test, and this EVElopedia article for more general information on mass testing.