Let’s celebrate this year in EVE! | EVE Online

Let’s celebrate this year in EVE!

2022-12-20 - 发布者 EVE ONLINE TEAM

Festive capsuleers,

It’s that time of year again, when we feast, exchange gifts, and reminisce about the past. And what a year it’s been! This year has seen exciting developments for EVE Online, including the release of the Uprising expansion, bringing new ships, updates to Factional Warfare, and more space goodies; the welcoming of Spanish speaking players into Nuevo Edén; the return of EVE Fanfest to Iceland; improvements to the new player experience; EVE Evolved setting the course for the future, with features designed to enhance the sensory experience of New Eden like never before; and so much more. New Eden is vibrant and full of life as EVE enters its 20th year, giving us even more cause for celebration.

This year was all about coming together. The EVE community is the lifeblood of New Eden, and this year was an amazing one, full of achievements, accomplishments, and incredible experiences. Together you’ve had fun blowing each other up, exploring the far reaches of New Eden, mining and manufacturing and creating memorable experiences.

There are plenty of reasons to be proud of the year in EVE. Here are just a few:

New Eden was chock full of activity this year, with action, drama, life and death, and most importantly, plenty of conflict and competition.

Now let’s go and smash this year’s numbers in 2023!

Enjoy the holidays and have a very happy new year!