Linux and Mac OS Patch Deployment on Tuesday, 27 November. | EVE Online

Linux and Mac OS Patch Deployment on Tuesday, 27 November.

2007-11-23 - 发布者 Svarthol

On November the 27th we are deploying a patch to TransGaming’s Linux and Mac game engine. This will not affect Windows users, nor will the patch require extended downtime to deploy.

If you run EVE using our Linux packages, after downtime on the 27th the client will automatically download and install a patch for the TransGaming components.

Here are the steps for installation of the Mac OS patch:

  1. Download the file to your desktop. Link is: //
  2. Open the file to extract it
  3. Open the extracted file
  4. Locate and select EVE under Applications and click update.

The following items have been added to the Revelations 2.3 Patch Notes page.

  • Fixed a number of crashes and runtime exceptions for the Mac client.
  • HFS+ case sensitive file system support for the Mac client has been added.
  • Azerty, Danish and Swedish keyboard issues for the Mac client have been resolved.
  • The transparent boxy background around the HUD has been resolved.
  • Added detection of initial state of locking keys (Numlock/Capslock) has been added.
  • Startup issues on Linux systems using Athlon/AthlonXP processors caused by the use of SSE and SSE2 instructions have been resolved.
  • Autopatcher resolution switching fixed on Linux.
  • The Linux installer was experiencing issues with tooltips. These have been resolved.
  • The multiuser instalation issue with Ubuntu Gutsy has been resolved.
  • Certain settings in the EVE Configuration tool not sticking appropriately. This has been resolved.

Again this patch will not change any EVE game play, nor will the patch affect users running the EVE client under Windows. The patch is only for users of clients running Mac and Linux platforms.

Discussion and updates may be found in this forum thread.